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Child Bearing Hips

Killer new single from The Vasco Era.

Sid O’Neil:

’Child Bearing Hips’ is about wanting to be involved with things that you know are wrong, even if you don’t like what they stand for. Especially when people assume that you are unintelligent because you are not part of it. It usually stems from being at a party in the wrong clothes and people making assumptions about your worth based on this. It frustrates me that I need these people to accept me even though I am directly opposed to this idea. The South Purambite Hall is a hall is in south western Victoria where my parents had their 21st birthday parties and got married, so I guess there is a bit of nostalgia involved, and some of that golden age syndrome wherein we long for the past even though it probably wasn’t much better. The child bearing hips part relates to the fact that I have child-bearing hips. [emphasis added]

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